Ultra-Fast, Secure, Scalable

BOMB Chain has been built to bring DeFi to the masses, through seamless user experiences, security and fast, low cost transactions. BOMB, the chain's gas and governance token is pegged to Bitcoin, providing the incredible upside of Bitcoin but with multiple utilities & yield farming opportunities.

BOMB Chain


A powerful delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism will secure the network

three second blocks & powerfulinfrastructure allow for a fast & consistent network

Powerful infrastructure ensures speed & security will be maintained as the ecosystem grows


Why Use BOMB Chain?


  • BOMB Chain empowers builders to enable the next generation of Web3 products and services for everyone.
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) undoubtedly has the power to revolutionize the financial system as we know it but there's a host of problems preventing mass adoption.
  • At BOMB Money we've been making great strides in tackling these pain points but to create change at scale we can't do it alone.
  • BOMB Chain is where builders who believe in transparency, integrity and sustainability will come together to create a thriving ecosystem to be proud of.

Why use bomb chain?

Bitcoin pegged gas & governance token

BOMB is pegged to Bitcoin at a 10,000:1 ratio, meaning not only do holders benefit from the multiple utilities on chain, but also the major upside potential of Bitcoin

Fast with low gas

BOMB Chain provides near instant transactions, with incredibly low gas

Delegated Proof of Stake

16 geographically distributed validators currently secure the BOMB Chain network

EVM Compatibility

EVM compatibility provides a familiar environment for developers and allows easy bridging to and from numerous networks

Frequently Asked Questions

BOMB Chain started its journey in January 2023, powering BOMB Money’s revolutionary mobile app that breaks down the barriers to DeFi, providing the easiest way to earn high yields on your crypto. BOMBswap DEX provides swap functionality and a range of liquidity pools to earn rewards on! This is just the beginning and BOMB Chain will quickly become a thriving ecosystem of dApps!


BOMB is designed to be pegged to Bitcoin at a 10,000:1 ratio through  expanding the supply while above peg and providing holders the opportunity to contract the supply through buying bonds when below peg. 

Thanks to BOMB Chain, the BOMB token has multiple use cases – most notably that it’s the gas & governance token for the chain. 

Although BOMB is the native token for BOMB Chain it began its journey on BNB Chain and therefore all tokens must originate from BNB Chain via the Boardroom. 

Tokens bridged to BOMB Chain will remain locked in a bridge contract meaning the total supply shown on BNB Chain will always be the accurate circulating supply.

Read more about BOMB’s tokenomics here. 

Through the powerful Ankr supported bridge you can easily bridge USDT, USDC and BOMB between Binance Smart Chain and BOMB Chain. Stay tuned as the number of assets and networks supported will quickly expand! 

Head to our Bridge page for more information.

BOMB Chain is open source and anyone can build on it. With the chain being permissionless and EVM compatible Developers are welcome to start building! 

Validators play a critical role in the safe and effective running of BOMB Chain. Full information on how to become a validator will be coming soon.